The Psychic Truck Driver

The Psychic Truckdriver


The fascinating world of spirit connection

Astounding happenings are often the stepping stones to a story, a journey. It’s where life takes a left turn and leaves you breathless. And so it was to be near Port Augusta South Australia along a dusty road.

At Mount Remarkable National Park, there is one truck bay for sleeping that Geoff said was his favourite. Waking up there with the mountains in the distance on one side and the sea in the other direction was beautiful. Isolated and natural the views were a beautiful start to our day.

We have slept there twice and both times have been amazing to me. The first time we arrived very late and Geoff had settled into the bunk and was well asleep. I was just relaxing into my very comfy front seat bed.

My eyes were closed when I felt the truck move slightly? Nothing happened for a few minutes. I felt and heard the sound of a person climbing up the steps like they were getting into the truck by the door near my head. I turned slightly and lifted my head to see a very unusual sight. There peering into the cabin was a dark skinned very ancient man. His hair seemed matted close to his head, and he was naked apart from a loin cloth and what I could see was a cloth like bag over his shoulder. He had a long spear in one hand and a quizzical expression on his face.

I moved again and we made eye contact. His eyes were wide open and dark brown. By this time, I was sitting up on my knees, wide awake and winding down the window to have a good look. It was a very light night and the moon was high in the sky. As I watched he simply got off the side of the truck and walked away. Walk is not the correct word. This was no apparition type experience, he was solid. He was SOLID! How could this be? What on earth was going on?

He was moving along with so much air underneath him he seemed to glide through space, walking in mid-air. I could see him clearly and there was definitely space under his feet. Then he just disappeared. I felt he was ancient, older than this land.

I knew it was a spirit person and can even now picture him perfectly. Was he just curious? Was he still in his Neanderthal body? I do not know. But the experience was so real, he was so solid.

What still puzzles me was the total eye contact, it was real recognition. His curious large eyes saw me. Were we at a place between space and time? Two paths crossing? Was I his apparition, this strange creature sleeping in the front of a truck?

Another trip we stayed at the exact same place. Geoff had his favourite sleeping bays just like normal folk have favourite motels.

So it was in his words, it was a great spot for a sleep.

Again Geoff was in the bunk and I was sleeping across the seats in the front.

I was suddenly a little cold, and reached around for the doona to pull up around my shoulders. As I felt for it, I half opened one eye to find my whole body out of the cabin and floating in mid-air. It was as if I had just moved horizontally from my sleeping spot about 2 metres to the right. Just my doona and I outside the truck. Then just as quickly, I was lying back in the make shift bed again. It would be reasonable to say it was a dream, or perhaps an out of body experience, but to me it was unique because I could feel with my arm the free space underneath me.

Is it a particular energy place? I really don’t know, but it is true that I had two extremely different experiences in the exact same spot a few years apart.

I have told others about these two particular experiences and they have asked me if I was frightened. But the answer to that is no. I have been experiencing the different and varied forms of energy and vibration from a very young age, as long as I can remember. As did my mother, I was never taught that it was wrong, or different or unusual. It just was, so I had no need for fear. Intrigue and curiosity, excitement, yes, but not fear.

Energy is all there is, and it is fascinating to experience so many different forms of it. Rocks are energy, love is energy, and thought is energy.

What I would love to know is how our energy is perceived by other life forms? When I find out I’ll let you know.  The study of vibrational energy and spirit has always been a part of my identity and my heart, my path and I have spent a lifetime studying it with a fierce fascination.


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The Psychic Truck Driver

Changing Landscapes, let the story begin…


 The first time I saw a ghost on the road was in the 90’s. This was where my journey as truck driver bought me face to face with him. He was looking at me through the side window of the truck. He was curious, he was ancient and he was not of this world. But before I get carried away with that, it has dawned on me that perhaps we should start where all good stories should; the beginning.

Change is not always easy. Usually most people study, analyse, and think about what the effects of a new change of life style will be. Not in our house. Big change was only days away though I didn’t know it yet.

There was always a lot of activity when Geoff, the love of my life and my husband would drive into Melbourne. He would ring and tell me what time he expected to be in, and then he would park in the depot and unload his truck.

The big question would always be where he was going next. Truck driving is not like any other job in the world. It is not a straight forward work load that has a real start and finish, particularly when you subcontract. The life of an interstate truck driver is dependent on where the next load has to go. What is most urgent?

Sometimes who screamed the loudest for their freight gets it first. Geoff had a contract to transport cars interstate in Australia. All types of cars, new ones, used ones, and even the odd motor bike or trailer thrown in just to stuff up the load, Geoff would say. Nothing was on auto pilot. Every vehicle had to be vetted, loaded, and tied down. It was a heavy and demanding part of the overall job.

“How busy are you?” he would ring and ask.

“I am off to Perth do you want to come with me for a few weeks?”

As soon as I said the word “yes” I was off and running. Find the cat and dog, ring the kennels, empty the fridge, ask the neighbor to put the bins out and collect the mail, pack a bag, and lock up.

It was a routine that I was familiar with and did with speed. Why the enthusiasm?  Well I think I mentioned this wonderful man is the love of my life, but the lifestyle his work presented was a difficult one at times to negotiate. You could rarely pin down a daily routine. Often events, plans, family gatherings or appointments were thrown to the wind within a 6 hour window because of the freight commitment. Often he would be away for long stretches, so I had to be nimble. With children grown and my gypsy heart a flutter- it was all systems go when I got those phone calls.

I was on auto pilot. Coco our dog and Jake our daughter’s cat were frequent visitors to the kennels. Jake was so used to being there that he slept inside on the son of the kennel owner’s bed. Luckily the kennel was not too far out of the way and I usually arrived at the depot a few hours after the phone call. Geoff was often still in the process of unloading, or waiting on the last car of the load to be delivered by another truck from different destination.

I would help out as much as I could, by walking through the hundreds of cars looking for identity V.I.N numbers, rego plates, then drive them up to the truck for Geoff to load.

Pre checking had to be documented, each car had to be placed according to weight distribution, safety, and access for delivery along the way. Having a precise system of loading cars onto a truck and securing them for the trip. This   was exhausting and often it was late into the night before we would be finished.

Sometimes I would catch a bus or plane to Adelaide and join him there, especially if it was a trip to Alice Springs or Darwin.

So spur of the moment or spontaneity was alive and well and living in our house. Sometimes it would be weeks in between seeing each other, as he would be driving from Brisbane to Darwin, or Townsville to Adelaide.

Now I am not a tomboy type or really interested in trucks or cars, it is the great paradox between Geoff and I. For this man’s passion for cars, racing and basically anything for a motor and wheels is mammoth. It was an irony not lost on me if only I knew what my future career path was going to be. I had an inkling there was change in the air, for sure. I could feel it in my bones. But one of the ironies sometimes when you do have psychic ability is the future can allude you whilst you are reading everyone else’s!

Yes it’s a really, really long way in-between some of the capital cities in Australia and there is a lot of interesting and exciting things to see apart from the long white line in the middle of the road. This included things seen, and those unseen to many.

When you are a passenger on such long trips you being able to amuse your mind is a useful skill. I never tired of looking at the changing scenery. To drive from the beautiful green farming land outside Adelaide then up into the dry red centre to Alice Springs and Darwin in just a few days is really something I could never take for granted.

There were times where I would long to be an ordinary tourist of leisure though.  To stop at a side area, and relax with a cuppa would have been bliss on some days. But not on Geoff’s watch! I remember once when we were driving up to Alice Springs and going past the Coober Pedy turn off and I really wanted to see some opals. The opals of this area are iconic. We were on a really tight schedule to Darwin and were sleeping in the truck along the way. It was not to be this time.

Did I mention sleeping in a truck? Have you ever been in a standard truck? Two seats and normally a sleep area for one behind the seats. For one. Not two. Let me make that really clear! Interstate long hauls in a b-double truck meant sleeping for the driver. Geoff had to sleep. How did we manage two sleep areas?

Oh yes, very glamorous. Geoff had the bunk to sleep in. Me? Well here is where change started. I am no glamour-puss don’t get me wrong, but a lady likes a bed to sleep in. I was about to check into Hotel Pinewood. We had two boards that fitted across the front seats with a mattress that went on top. Now if you can imagine trying to organise this procedure in the small cabin of a truck you would see that it was quite a feat.

It always meant moving so many things around. Finding my doona and pillow, and getting our shoes off. Geoff would set an alarm for 4 hours and it always beeped just as I was drifting off to sleep.  Mind you I must confess that I did have many bunk naps on the road while Geoff drove.

Then the procedure of putting it all away again would have to happen. Of course it is not as luxurious as a caravan lifestyle with a shower and toilet. No. Our toilet was on the side of the road, behind a tree if possible. It certainly was a take- your –own- toilet- paper type of trip. Then we would start off again and drive to the next roadhouse for breakfast, lunch or whatever the meal was.

The first thing was to find a flushing toilet with running water, preferably a shower! Meals were our only long stop apart from sleeping. Timing was constantly on Geoff’s mind, and he calculated our arrival to the next depot adding sleeps, tyre checks and fuel stops.

It was amazing to me how alert he stayed and how he was so tuned into every noise happening in the truck and trailer. Geoff had a regime of stopping every few hours, for the glamorous pit stop, and to check his load. He would walk around the rig, checking each of the 18 tyres by hitting them with a steel bar. That way he knew if they were holding their pressure. Safety was always on his mind. Making sure the truck and the load were all operational was a constant priority.

Watching him work, spending time with him and roadhouse stops were the highlight of these small trips. Some of the roadhouse antics were as fascinating to me as a sitcom. I met some amazing characters, some not so amazing and learned a thing or two. I even had some who eventually would avoid me for fear I could ‘see’ the romantic liaison friends they were travelling with whilst their wives were at home none the wiser. I made some wonderful friends, as very soon I was about to become one of them. Part of a club that had Aussie Men Only stamped on it for decades. This was all leading to big change.

Changes are a slice of our everyday life, no two days are the same. No career goes in a straight line. No interaction happens the same every time. Quite often human beings spend so much time battling change, resisting it, forcing mundane into their lives like a comfort blanket. Which is fine for some, but change brings adventure. It brings newness, it brings friendship, but most of all it brings lessons. Embracing change as a natural part of my day began opening doors I never knew existed.






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