So often I get asked about my ‘ability’ or what some may call psychic clairvoyance. To me, it is the ability to feel, hear and see vibrational energy that belongs to those here and those that have passed on to the next dimensional space. You see energy does not die, it simply transforms and transmutes into a different vibration. I do not know the secrets to the universe, however, I do humbly acknowledge the ability to tune into the dynamic existence of matter and energy.

It is as natural to me as extending my arm or tying up my shoelaces, however, the precision of it and the strength of it needs tending to, respect and dedication. Like an athlete training their body to be agile and strong, you must respect the process and the tools involved to maintain an excellent state.

Sometimes it is difficult because whilst it is the most natural thing in the world to me, science does not yet fully reconcile to the ability or presence of what I can do. Science is most definitely getting there though, with quantum physics and electromagnetic spectrum theories opening up discussion about the transference of energy, matter, time and space. I urge people to keep an open mind, just because science doesn’t prove something yet doesn’t mean it cannot exist. This is like standing on the edge of a road, and because you can’t see the car travelling towards you 30 km away; the car does not exist.

Not logical at all is it? The proof is in the pudding as I always say. It doesn’t help either that there are so many people out there fooling people or the infamous ‘cold read’, there are also many souls out there who really believe they can read energy and do so without any scruples or in-depth knowledge which can be disastrous. Not only for the person being read’s trust and belief but for the rest of our reputations.

I never remember a time when I could not feel vibrational energy patterns or have inklings about things that might and then did happen. You see the ability seems to run in my family, and it was never treated as a negative thing. It just ‘was’. I still remember as a young child my mother making extra food because she just ‘knew’ without warning that my father was bringing home extras for dinner. I remember seeing different colours swirling around the corners of the room, not realizing they weren’t obvious to everyone else, from as young as I can recall I could detect energy with every sense.

By age thirteen I was reading any book on the subject I could get my hands on, and trust me this was a very long time ago, long before glorious Google! It was also a time where that sort of thing was frowned upon in a very Christian mass environment. Whilst my parents did not subscribe to any specific religion, in that time psychic ability was just not the ‘done thing’. I would even take myself off to church with this innate curiosity, I was constantly drawn to the divine. This all lead to a lifelong dedication to mysticism and discovery, the connection has lasted my entire life.

I believe that everyone has a natural psychic ability or an ability to sense energy. From 1% to 99%, it really depends on your life purpose and how conscious you are to it. But more of that later!

I am a big believer in education and have enjoyed sharing the tools of the trade with those that are keen to understand, learn and start a journey that is intuitive and conscious in various events. I look forward to sharing more with you very soon. So enjoy November as much as you can, infuse as much positivity into it as you can handle and be sure to watch my Facebook page for tips and numerology updates to help you get through.

I also want to give a HUGE shout out to The Advocate, who have invited me to the team as a writer and contributor. It’s a fantastic and interesting publication, full of information. So be sure to check it out. I am also very excited this week as I make the final touches to a collection of stories I have written, a memoir of my time as a truck driver and a psychic medium, an unusual partnership that leads to some interesting experiences! Make sure you like my Facebook page so you can be in the loop for the first instalment.

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