Hello, Dee here

I am a Psychic Medium, Numerologist, Author and Public Speaker.

After a lifetime of linking with the Spirit World I love to share my experiences with others. You may not think you are Psychic, but everyone is.

It is in our D.N.A. I teach how to “link with Spirit” in my workshops and see the proof of its messages every day with my client readings.

Like all things that are innate, this ability can be strengthened and honed to open new pathways to understanding our spirituality.

I use Numerology every day, it is fascinatingly accurate. It is great for parents to understand the vibration and talents of their child. It can throw light on the type of career that makes you happiest.

Recently I have begun to get my words on paper and write a few books on my favourite topics. This is opening up an exciting new area as I learn to become an “indie” author.

Linking with spirit is truly a blessing, one I’d love to share with you.



Psychic Medium, Numerologist, Author

Books By Dee


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