I love numbers: Easy Baby Numerology

I love Numerology Dee Gibson
A lifetime of practical study and reading charts has continued to heighten my passion for numbers.
I have given countless life readings, and I see its truth in action daily.
Many clients have reported back to me that the charts I did for their babies have proved accurate 20 years later.
Their comments remind me, what a handy tool Numerology can be in understanding a new baby’s characteristics.
Armed with this little tool of knowledge has helped them bypass a lot of guesswork; they only had to open the chart to view parenting from a different angle.
The simplicity of numerology has also helped them to consider the type of life path and unique gifts and lessons each child has to offer.
“How can I best teach my child to develop his life’s purpose? “Is one of the first questions we ask ourselves when we are first time parents.
Would the Universe leave your new Baby, alone, and unprepared for life?
Your baby is equipped with their very own unique blueprint.
The life’s instructions are in his birthdate.
The universe has arranged this with effortless perfection.
Numerology is a signpost for character traits, life direction, and life lessons.
Simple and quick to learn, it offers specific guidelines for your child’s potential.
This can be used in conjunction with all parenting tools.
Let’s see what type of personality your Baby has, what type of child he will be.
“It is easy. You can calculate it while you are nursing him.”
Here is the easy calculation to find your baby’s Life Path Number, or sometimes called Your Ruling Number.
Write out your baby’s full birthdate
Place your baby’s birthdate into the chart below.
Add all numbers through until you come to one single digit.
My Baby Example

+ + + + + + + =
+ + =
1+4=5 This final digit is the Life Path Number.
Below I have given you a simple, short explanation of what each number means, see how it relates to your child.

1. Independence
As soon as he is settled into his new clothes you will fall in love with your wise and wonderful baby. He will soon let you know that he adores routine. He is a true individual, with a strong personality.
2 Visualisation
As you gaze lovingly at your beautiful #2 Baby you instantly fall in love with calmness.
The #2 baby is harmonious, soft, loving, and at first glance, we ‘see” we have a very special child to take care of.
3 Joyfulness

As you fall in love with your 3 baby you will be overjoyed. Literally!
Your 3 baby has come into your world with one express purpose.
To bring joy, and creativity, to you, through a delightful and happy personality.
4 Service
As you nurse your 4 baby you will notice that her response is balanced, open, and cheerful. She seems to say “thank you “for tucking her in so warmly. As you fall in love with your 4 baby you will know that you have a faithful, practical, loving, friend for life.
5 Freedom
As you cuddle your beautiful 5 baby for the first time you will feel his vitality.
You will love his cute cry, and his funny attempts to get your attention.
He is energetic, expressive, with strong intuition and artistic ideas. He will be lively and spontaneous.
6 Responsibility
As you Hug your 6 baby for the first time, profound feelings of love and responsibility well up in your heart.
You know she is balanced and soft. Her loving and caring nature can easily be sensed.
“I am with my family at last!”
7 Understanding
Is he still sleeping?
Yes! As you fall in love with his relaxed face you know you have a “good” baby.
Peaceful and quiet, it’s as if he knows we need some quiet time to bond.
8 Power
As you cradle your new little 8 baby you will see just how much charisma he really has. You are fascinated by his handsome looks. As you express your love for him, you will clearly know that he seeks your undivided attention.
9 Humanitarian
Look how strong he is!
Isn’t he impressive to look at!
Yes! Your new 9 baby is gorgeous, well proportioned; You can almost sense that he cares about everyone he sees.
I am sharing this information from my Amazon Book,
Easy Baby Numerology: Teaching You How To Understand Your Baby From Day One

As I have mentioned I love Numerology: it is my super guide to knowing my own truth and gives me a constant signpost to grow my spirituality. My joy is to share it with others, who like me, are on a wider spiritual journey.


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