The Universe always has answers for you.

It’s time look within, and to ask yourself:

  • Is this your moment to move forward?
  • Do you feel that you are at a crossroad?
  • Is there a decision to be made?
  • Are you wanting spirit connection?
  • Is your “hunch”, right?
  • Is life’s pain too much?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions the Universe always has your answers, let’s prompt it for guidance with a reading with Dee!

Your reading should help you with the following:

  • Clear The Air
  • Clarify Your Current Position!
  • Point You In A Loving Supported Direction!
  • Link With Messages And Information From Spirit!

“Dee can find hidden answers in your numerology. Through clairvoyance, she explains what is going on in your life. Spirit gives Dee sensitive, soft, and loving messages that get inside your heart, head, and soul in a very real and surprising way.”

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Hello Dee Here,

I am a psychic medium, numerologist, author and public speaker. My personal mission is to offer authentic readings to help you understand your current situation and offer spiritual and practical information for your growth. After 30+ years of practical study, psychic readings, and working with numerology charts, I still have great passion for my work. My joy is to share this with others who like me are on a wider spiritual journey. Linking with spirit is truly a blessing, one I’d love to share with you.

Please contact me if you feel now is the right time for a “reading”.

I can be contacted on 0418 109 925 for personal phone or skype readings.



Thank you for our session last week. Everything you shared was very powerful.

I wanted to write you a testimonial:

When I booked my session with Dee I told her I was uninspired and I wanted a vibrational tune up. By the time I got to the session I was more inspired than ever and feeling more love in my body than ever. I thought about cancelling but I believe everything happens on purpose so I still went.

When I arrived, Dee said she knew exactly what she was doing with me. Before I could explain I’d had a massive shift she told me that I was feeling more love than ever before and she knew exactly what I needed to keep feeling that and continue to feel grounded while I leant more into my own intuitive abilities. She really knew exactly what was going on for me and exactly what I needed!

What she told me brought me so much peace. She has such a beautiful heart and I was able to fully relax and express how I felt and hear my spirit team’s divine wisdom. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some loving, safe, divine guidance.

– Kiara O’Leary, Intuitive Coach and Lifestyle Business Coach

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