December brings with it a hectic atmosphere that is loaded a highly spiritual and emotional energy. People are harried, they are frazzled, there is excitement and heightened joy, and you mix all these components plus worry, money, family relationships and you’ve got yourself a real mixed pot of oh-boy!

1. During this time of year, things can feel amplified and huge, but often they are not as problematic as they feel. So get some perspective, step away from the issue at hand and look at it objectively. Now calm communication is the key. If you need to talk to someone, do it when you are feeling calm, centred and at ease.


2. Make a list of EVERYTHING. Put it on your fridge and tick off what you have done. Prioritise and get others to help you if possible. Share that load. If you are in a large family, get everyone on board. Kids are great at jobs around Christmas and can help with making cards, wrapping gifts and adding special touches to gifts. Use this time to connect with little ones in the family, as this is often where the magic is strongest and most delightful!


3. Try not to push too hard or overwork yourself over the coming month. Anxiety can rumble at the soul subconsciously, without us even being aware that we are indeed feeling the effects of anxiety. This is detrimental to your health and state of being.


4. Lay off the alcohol. Alcohol is a large part of Australian Christmas celebrations. Talk to any ambo, emergency doctor or nurse, police officer and they will tell you a thing or two about the alcohol factor at Christmas. Alcohol can often help relax the body but also loosens the lips so to speak. It can give us false courage to say things we wouldn’t normally say or do, and given the intensity of this energised time of year, it’s just not a good idea to lubricate the senses with the extra burden of a psychostimulant of any kind. Mocktails are a fun thing to have, or simply reducing what you could have is a great start.


5. Keep a sense of humour. Breath and laugh your way through it all as much as possible, remembering what this time is really about. It is the Christian celebration of the birth of a little baby that has become an established tradition in parts of our culture. The celebratory season really a time for family, sometimes chosen family rather than blood, a time for rejoicing, a time for forgiveness and a time for reflection.

2017 is the ideal energy for us to drive a brand new enterprise into existence. New things are ready to spring forth, so make sure you are ready for them! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and I look forward to seeing more of you next year x Dee 




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