Caring for the carer is just as important as caring for someone who is elderly, disabled or chronically ill. It is important for the carer’s spiritual health and general wellbeing to be in check. If you can maintain optimal health in these areas you will consequently amplify your intuitive abilities. This is crucial to the psychic medium, intuitive person and really applies to everyone.

First and foremost you need to be aware of your nutrition and health. Nutrition has been deemed a hidden issue for carers because most of the time, the carer is more concerned about the person they are caring for and you can often lose sight of the foundations to a good caring relationship. A lot of the time carers can become malnourished as they tend to the nutrition needs of the caree. Cooking two separate meals can be difficult especially when the carer has another job. Naturopath Susan Byrne assists her clients with dieting a
nd lifestyle going through an in-depth consultation to gauge lifestyle, sleeping habits, eating habits and blood providing natural herbal medicine and nutritional sheets.

Another thing that can make a huge difference to the quality of life a carer lives is to maintain time for the self. This can be continuing the activities that you love like going to the gym or dancing classes.

Continence Foundation of Australia recommends, “Even though the many responsibilities of caring can make it difficult to manage, it is really important that you follow your own interests outside your caring role.”

“Some carers say that they feel guilty when they leave the house or enjoy an activity without the person they are caring for. If you are finding it difficult to get out and about, talk to someone about how you are feeling.”

It is also beneficial for carers to get out and catch up with other friends and family who can help take their mind off the mundane activities of caring as well as those who are also in caring positions as they can help provide vital support.

“Sometimes just talking to someone who understands what you are going through can be a great relief.”

It is extremely important that you do not feel alone when caring for someone as this can have negative psychological and physical effects. Counselling is also a great way to cope and manage unexpected situations. Stress is common for carers so it is a good way to off load some of the mental stress you may be feeling.

Counselling and support services may help you to understand and manage situations and behaviours that are part of being a carer. This help could reduce the stress you may be feeling in your caring role, and perhaps help you to continue in this role for longer. My Aged Care has some good resources on how to access counselling.

If you ever feel like you need to talk to someone or need a little extra help coping call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or head to their website for information.

Carers can often find it hard to set aside some time to exercise but if you can manage to fit in at least 30 mins of physical activity in your day you will be more prepared to deal with the demands of your caring role.

Carers Victoria stress that, “Regular exercise improves resilience, strength and flexibility, promotes better sleep, reduces stress and depression, and increases your energy and alertness.”

A great way to start is to dedicate time to your favourite exercise such as Yoga. Yoga is created for people of all ages and fitness levels. Your instructor can help personalise your workout and Sonia Anear runs a variety of classes and workshops to match all skill levels. On Sonia’s website, you will also find a range of self-care meditations and meditation aids. 

But most of all dear readers, please remember that part of your spiritual journey in helping others is to care for you too.

Let your Spirit Sparkle x Dee


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