5 Influential Women of Spirit

  Florence Scovel Schinn From humble beginnings Florence started out as an artist and illustrator. Drawings soon turned into writing and that’s how Florence’s spiritual connection blossomed. Florence taught us about the power of intuition and staying in touch with your spiritual being. Hence, we can only truly find our way when our mind is clear. […]

Numerology for Human Resources

  We have all heard that numerology can help you find a successful business name but what if it could also assist with choosing the right employees? There is a general rule which is based on the personality of individuals that will help you find out if they are suited to the role they are […]

Caring for the Carer

  Caring for the carer is just as important as caring for someone who is elderly, disabled or chronically ill. It is important for the carer’s spiritual health and general wellbeing to be in check. If you can maintain optimal health in these areas you will consequently amplify your intuitive abilities. This is crucial to […]

5 Tips for Surviving the Silly Season

  December brings with it a hectic atmosphere that is loaded a highly spiritual and emotional energy. People are harried, they are frazzled, there is excitement and heightened joy, and you mix all these components plus worry, money, family relationships and you’ve got yourself a real mixed pot of oh-boy! 1.During this time of year, […]

Proof in the Pudding

Dee Gibson Blog November 2016 The Proof is in the Pudding So often I get asked about my ‘ability’ or what some may call psychic clairvoyance. To me it is the ability to feel, hear and see vibrational energy that belongs to those here and those that have passed on to the next dimensional space. […]

How ‘Can I Hold Space ‘Without Taking On Another Person’s Energy?

How “can I hold space for a friend” without taking on another person’s energy? She wrote. Oh! Wow! Guru DeeDee is not sure she knows………however it did take me about 20 years to understand and learn this one. I see all through FACE BOOK people saying “I am holding space for you “in your time […]

Learning to Find Your Beautiful Uniqueness Through Numerology

Each day we find many ways to look at life. As each new client comes into my reading room I see the evidence of this. There may be thousands of problems for each of us to ponder, and we all see them in our own individual way. Each of us has our own definition of […]

Newsletter 1. September The Beginning Of The End!

Newsletter 1. September The Beginning Of The End! Whenever I see September on my calendar I begin to feel the weight of the year beginning to even out. I feel my energy rising and some of the fog lifting. I have often wondered why this occurred year after year. Have you ever felt like this? […]