As I walk along this wonderful journey of Numerology I never tire of how it can help understand and explain our beautiful human condition.

Often clients ask about their children. They are fascinated when I point out what personality traits their young children will have throughout their life.

Of course, they leave the session with me and don’t think much more about it. What really allows me to see the value in understanding numerology is when they return 20 years later with questions.

Lillian was one such person.

Her grandmother Pat Davies asked me to do a chart when she was born.

Then when she was about 21 she was reading her chart and asked Pat to meet me. “This is really me,” she said.

She arrived with her large hand-written numerology chart I had done many years before.

It was accurate and even mentioned that she would be a teacher and counsellor.

Having this roadmap re-explained to her in person was more of a thrill for me. However, it was wonderful that she could explore her personality from this perspective.

Reading it at different ages allowed her to think in a different way and understand who she really is at the core of her being. She had an intimate understanding of her strength and challenges to work on.

Thinking on how to help people understand their young children I wrote Easy Baby Numerology.

It is a quick look up for parents and introduces numerology as an easy way to see the personality traits of each vibrational number, and therefore their child.

The method in numerology is always to find by addition the final single digit. Then to gain an understanding of each number.

It is fun, conversational, and insightful.

Numerology has many levels and I can now say that I am still in fascination and awe of its ability to generate an understanding of our inner journey in life.

Dee Gibson – is an Australian Spiritual Educator – Numerologist Psychic Medium

Our life is energy.
Mathematics is its language.

Numerology is a key to understanding our personality, our unique soul, and it’s a journey in life.

– Quote Dee Gibson – 2010


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