Twins in Numerology – Same birthdate different personalities.

Twins in Numerology – Same birthdate different personalities.

One of my loves in numerology is writing natal charts for new born babies. It is so exciting to see what each child has come into this life-time to experience.

Will it be a difficult lifetime? Or will it be easier than their parents.

Numerology can tell us. Looking at the birthdate and the child’s name, opens a wonderful kaleidoscope, of information about the vibration they are here to express.

Everything is based on numbers our whole universe is vibrational and numeric

We as humans are under this law too.

I am often asked about the numerology of twins. How can they look identical and express different personalities? There are so many interesting facts about twins. Research tells me that twins account for over 90 per cent of multiple births. There are 7 types of twins, and that identical twins do have identical D.N.A.

Interestingly, they do not have identical fingerprints because genes alone are not the only factor in determining their body similarity.  Other random events such as lightly different umbilical cord length, or stress in the womb can change the ripple in their finger print.

The finger prints of twins could be extremely similar but not identical.

In defining the differences of twins the one important factor to realise is that each twin, has its own unique soul.

Each baby, is here to experience its own personal journey of life.

The birthdate will be identical allowing each child to have the same numbers, the same vibration with which to create their own reality.

The first influence to cause a difference in the personality is the complete birth name.

Here we will see different aspects come into the personality. Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number and vibration. This will sometimes add small differences and other times large differences to the child’s personality. Later in life a name change of any type will also allow for different vibrations to be expressed by the person.

Each number has many levels of expression, positive and negative, stronger or weaker.

So, each twin has its own life expedition, and its personal set of gifts and challenges.

Both will have the opportunity to react in their chosen way. There are so many similarities in their basic personality which come from their shared D.N.A. Including mannerisms, facial expressions, voice, size, and colouring. There will also be differences, according to how each reacts to their environment.


Each number can be expressed in many, many ways. Take 3 for instance which is creativity expressed through the personality. 3 brings with it the ability to observe extremely fine detail. One twin may become an actor, one a writer. One may become obsessive over detailed correctness, while the other may be on a more normal scale of accuracy. Both would be conveying the three vibration. But both would be using a slightly different angle or understanding to express it.


Twins have made the choice to reincarnate together for the purpose of sharing, and from start to the end of life this will be an ongoing lesson. Every aspect of their life is to learn to grow the understanding of sharing, and interaction in a loving relationship, within the frame of their numbers. Finding the balance is the goal. Throughout life they will then be a living example of either expressing sharing, or lack of it.

Some duo’s will love sharing their parents and life with a twin sibling, and some will choose to see it as a disappointment.

Often twins have such soul connectedness that they share a life filled with similar happenings, and a strong psychic connection.

I know of one set of twins adopted at birth to two different families. When they met in their early 20’s they both had the same hobby, horse racing. Both could recite lists of winning horses, and their pedigree. We could not tell them apart, as they wore identical clothes. Neither had known of the others existence. Both had suffered mental challenges. Their sharing lesson seemed from the outside to be non-existent. But both had shared a similar life pattern. Desertion, separation, adoption, and social insecurity. They both shared loneliness, it took years for them to accept this life situation.

The one thing that separates us all in our life journey, twins or not, is free will.

This one gift is our silent companion, and it is us, who make our own choices in life. A twin may choose to live an unhealthy life style, while its twin becomes health conscious. It is all via independent choice, through the vibration of the numbers in their birthdate and name.

For me Numerology is our sign post, our constant guide for life. It shows us our strengths, and weakness’s. It points us to lessons to share and learn from.

However, the overriding mechanism that sets us apart as human being is definitely the use of our own free will.



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