Hello Dee I wanted to write to you as a follow up from my last reading with you.

I am full of gratitude and thank and pray to spirit every day. I have also found a wonderful meditation class and I’m enjoying the practice. I feel like a huge burden in my life is being lifted. I’m unpeeling the layers of myself. My business is going great guns. It’s kind of propelling itself really. What I used to find stressful and hated doing, I am now working it with love and faith instead of fear. Amazing clients and experiences are just falling into my lap.

I loved the webinar course I did with you a few months back. Lots of fun and has also encouraged me to listen to my intuition.

So, I just wanted to say thank you for the work you do and for your friendship.


Thank you for our session last week. Everything you shared was very powerful.

I wanted to write you a testimonial:

When I booked my session with Dee I told her I was uninspired and I wanted a vibrational tune up. By the time I got to the session, I was more inspired than ever and feeling more love in my body than ever. I thought about cancelling but I believe everything happens on purpose so I still went.

When I arrived, Dee said she knew exactly what she was doing with me. Before I could explain I’d had a massive shift she told me that I was feeling more love than ever before and she knew exactly what I needed to keep feeling that and continue to feel grounded while I learnt more into my own intuitive abilities. She really knew exactly what was going on for me and exactly what I needed!

What she told me brought me so much peace. She has such a beautiful heart and I was able to fully relax and express how I felt and hear my spirit team’s divine wisdom. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some loving, safe, divine guidance.

Kiara O’Leary

Intuitive Coach and Lifestyle Business Coach

Dee Gibson is one of a kind. She is warm intuitive funny and cuts straight to the point.

I engaged Dee to seek clarity and guidance of my goals and dreams. What I got was so much more. every time I leave feeling empowered trusting myself and clear on what’s the next step for me.

I feel self-assured that life is all unravelling perfectly.

And I have the inside information from spirit and my guides which is that extra assurity that all is well, even if it densest feel like it sometimes.

I highly recommend Dee for professional, warm and accurate readings numerology and connecting with your higher self.  You will be amazed at how empowering her sessions are.

Thank you, Dee, for everything we have laughed about cried about and celebrated. I feel held and supported after each of our sessions.


Dee, you truly have an incredible gift, thank you for sharing it with the world! I wanted to take the time to write to you to let you know how spot on your readings are and how they leave me feeling.

When I first met you, Dee, I found you to be a warm caring person and always felt at ease in your presence. You have that calming nurturing side to your personality that makes it easy to feel comfortable.  From there I remember when I first decided I’d book a reading. It is still to this day my most favourite reading Dee!

I will always be amazed at how you sat opposite me and described to me what I had experienced just days earlier was MIND BLOWING.

And from there giving me hope for my future plans… Reading after reading since then, messages from spirit and your gentle guidance and reassurance has always helped me find a clear path.

Thank you for helping me to both believe in myself and to be confident in my own gifts. I am very much looking forward to your next workshop Dee, I can’t wait to also share my gifts with those I love.



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My FREE e/book Secret Meaning of Numbers and Vibrationswill help you understand what each number means.

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