We have all heard that numerology can help you find a successful business name but what if it could also assist with choosing the right employees? There is a general rule which is based on the personality of individuals that will help you find out if they are suited to the role they are applying for.

Is my team working well together?
Why does this conflict seem to re occur?

Who can I choose to fill the position?
Can I move this person to a different department?

If I employ someone new will they increase sales in my business?

All of these questions may all be whirling around in your mind and this is where numerology can assist in deciphering the strengths and weaknesses of an individual and I am strong advocate for this method.

Time and time again I have been faced with individuals who ask me how they can improve their business through numbers. In the past I had a longstanding career in HR and in particular the recruitment of individuals, consequentially this has assisted me in judging the numerical value to assign to people based on their personality traits.

It may never occur to you that if you choose someone who is ranked the wrong number, there will be a misalignment with the role at hand and who they are as a person. Many may say that the best way to hire someone is to go by gut feeling– who suits your work environment, who gets along well with the rest of the team? Yet, when there are mathematical methods available it would be a pity not consider it.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

My ranking criteria spans 1-9, each number possess very distinct traits. Numerology can help you understand a candidate’s life in a new way and understand exactly where they are in their journey.

For example in the middle of the spectrum the 5 is considered outgoing and good at communicating, thus aligning them with a sales role. Here they will flourish as they are in constant contact with new people.


However, at the beginning of the spectrum sits the number affiliated with a receptionist type role, a number 2. They are indeed the face of the business so they will need to dress in a conservative way and have a welcoming, inviting nature about them which is reflected in the intonation of the voice.


Sitting more towards the end of the numerical range at an 8 would be someone who can effectively been in a position to lead the team. This could be a manager of sorts who would be well trusted and liked by other staff.

This likeability is the key to effective communication and sustainability of a powerful team. This individual will also be a peacekeeper between employees and would have top conflict resolution skills.

You must also be aware that a number is never just black and white but it can have many levels and depths to it. This ultimately is what makes up a personality and is the key to our differences.

The number 8 for one person is not the same in another. Numbers possess vibrations which can be deciphered and can relate to a person’s birthdate.


As you pick up that pile of 20 resumes for an upcoming education, sales or marketing position just remember that there is a simple technique which can lessen time spent on recruitment and align the perfect candidate for the role. The use of numerology in this process can also mould your interview questions in a way you never expected to help draw out the answers that can help the most.


We recently held a workshop in numerology, filled with managers, directors and business ilk wanting another resource to add to the toolbox.  

There is a mystery to humans, why they do what they do and how they do what they do, and how do we manage this in a business or employment environment?

My process was taught to me by a Master of Numerology over 40 years ago, who has himself spent over 60 years learning the science.

Profiling personality types is a blueprint for success and Numerology is a very precise and intricate process and as I always say the proof is in the pudding!

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