Newsletter 1. September The Beginning Of The End!

Whenever I see September on my calendar I begin to feel the weight of the year beginning to even out.

I feel my energy rising and some of the fog lifting. I have often wondered why this occurred year after year. Have you ever felt like this? There are so many influences around us day today, it is often hard to see subtle changes making their way into our lives. I have a theory, actually I have many theories and it’s a good thing a lot of them stay safely tucked inside my head.

The one I am sitting with is the influence of the vibration of the numbers that make up our year.

2014 is a 7 vibration from 1st January to 31st December. Any new ideas that enter our lives usually take some time to get settled and established to their fullness. So if we are under an influence of 7 this year we can’t expect it to just emerge on January 1st to show us its lessons. It is more subtle than that. My theory is that it takes time to get established and have its influence on our lives. Each month a different level of the same lesson may be felt. The 7 year is an introspective vibration; it allows us to be challenged with difficult situations teaching us how far we have come. It is a time of consolidation, not a lot of easy progress.

A 7 year allows us to gain gentle faith in ourselves, through trial and error. There have been many times throughout this year when I have felt so stopped, so held up. Annoyed at having to examine, my internal beliefs. The lesson of the 7 isn’t the easiest one around.

That’s why I love getting to September in a year. I know the influence of the year has been actively prompting me to learn or understand its lessons. Even if I don’t want to! I can begin to look forward to the energy of the next big vibrational change at the years end on December 31st.

September is a 9 vibration, which is a very powerful energy that powers us to “put our money where our mouth is.” To wise up! To finally, make responsible choices, about our direction. It pushes us to have closure. It sends out a message to complete our goals, wrap up those assignments and finish those chores we have been pretending to do all year.

It also suggests that we think in global humanitarian ways, to expand our wisdom and love to others on our planet.

September for me means I have to re assess truthfully what I have actually achieved, not what I have been supposedly telling myself all year.

The combination of September which is 9 and 2014 which is a 7.

“Begin to realise your inner values and dreams come together despite difficulties and tests of the inner 7. Be prompted to finalise your current your goals and enjoy celebrating with a big spring clean in September”

Here is another theory I have. Oh! Yes this one just jumped out. I had better stop writing, do a meditation, get some clarity, throw out all the junk from the spare room and head to the op shop before September ends.

Bye for now,


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