Course: ‘Finding Your Beautiful Uniqueness’ through Numerology

$395.00 $295.00

This value-packed 6 week course includes:

  • 6 written lessons weekly sent to you by email.
  • 6 video lessons weekly sent to you by email
  • Two 30 minute one-on-one sessions with Dee Gibson via phone or Skype ( Dee’s rate is currently $100 per hour)
  • Email access to Dee to ask any questions regarding the lessons.

It is fun, easy, and you have Dee’s back up and hand holding all the way through the course. Numerology will help you to live a spiritually inspired life.



6 Week course

If you are ready to:

  • Understand your life purpose through Numerology, and begin a fascinating journey along your spiritual path.
  • Learn how to look at Numbers in their true spiritual vibration and allow this to connect with your Intuition.
  • Use Numerology to understand and help the people you love, friends and clients more deeply.
  • Explore your connection to Source

…. then this course is for you.

As you learn this beautiful new skill you will have the power in your hands to help others understand their purpose in life. You will also learn to know and appreciate yourself in a deeply spiritual way.

You will gain access to the wealth of Numerology knowledge that Dee has built up over a long career as a Numerologist.

These lessons form a strong base to allow you to know the vibration of each number and its practical and spiritual application in your life.