Learning to Find Your Beautiful Uniqueness Through Numerology

Each day we find many ways to look at life. As each new client comes into my reading room I see the evidence of this. There may be thousands of problems for each of us to ponder, and we all see them in our own individual way.

Each of us has our own definition of life. Each of us are trying to understand its complex and tricky ways. This journey is both fascinating and frightening at times. When we begin to understand our true inner vibration we can then begin to have a more even and tolerant approach to all our problems.

We remain lost and seeking as long as we forget our beautiful uniqueness.

Without our map we allow ourselves to be tossed around on a rough sea of other people’s ideas and rules.

There comes a time when we realise that we do not like these uncomfortable feelings. We begin to long for trust and love.

As we begin to open to our own journey back to love and freedom, Numerology is one of the most helpful methods I have found.


We are getting closer to personal freedom when we begin to understanding that no one else’s rules or ideas matter more than our own. We begin hearing the voice of our inner soul and allowing this to be of real interest not just a passing thought.

We stop being pushed and pulled by the views of another person.

Our own ideas suddenly make themselves heard above our noisy minds of other people’s chatter.

We stop asking questions in ways that make us feel insignificant, and start the wonderful process of self-discovery.

This happens in as many different ways, and times, as there are people on the planet.

It is unique. It is an individual growth.

Some of us are searching from our earliest age for that elusive piece of the puzzle to lead us into personal freedom. Others have many other tasks to learn and do before this happens to them on their life’s journey.

There is no right time or age for us to open to the spiritual journey. There is no one there with a big red flag waving at us to start. It happens organically for each of us.

So what is personal freedom in relation to the way we think in life?

It is when we are no longer looking to anyone else to figure out what is good for us. Giving us rules and regulations to follow in our moral and general life.

It is a time when we say ‘enough’ we are good as we are, and we will learn at our own peril if that’s what it takes.

Freedom is really personal confidence to take the next step alone, with our own point of view and our own responsibility sitting in the driver’s seat.

It is when we know that we are in the right place at the right time and everything is truly perfect.

That’s when synchronicity drops into our life without announcement. It can take quite a while for it to register in our mind. Often it will take spirit many try’s before we actually know and feel connected to our inner self, our higher self and spirit. This is when the energy of the universe begins its playful dance of love in our life. It presents personal freedom to us as the gift of growth and we eagerly wait for the next wonderful instalment.

This is when I find most people call on us for a Psychic, Tarot, or Numerology reading.

Usually they are ready to develop deeper intuitions, and want confirmation of their own abilities.

Their personal freedom has inspired them to walk a different path and to seek out a new way of looking at their life.

For me reading Numerology can explain your beautiful uniqueness more quickly than any other method. It explains your soul, and your personality and your reason for being in this lifetime.

It is a very old and well used method of divination.

For me every chart and every birthdate is unique. Numerology allow me to link into each person and be able to explain their strengths and weaknesses and to be able to often prove what I have picked up clairvoyantly from their energy. Yesterday a lady sat down for her reading and after closing my eyes and tuning into her vibration I began to feel very unsettled about my appearance.

I began to brush my top to get any wrinkles out, I made sure my both feet were evenly placed and my toes were even. Then I began to check my hair into place. Once I did this I felt better. But not relaxed. My reading pointed out to her that she was definitely over stressed about her appearance, and was extremely worried that one thing may be out of place. Then I had a perfect vision of her energy field and it was really beautiful. I could see art, and writing, and also her psychic abilities being tuned into spirit.

When I went to the next part of the reading which is Numerology she had an excess of three’s on the chart. This could prove in a very tangible way that what I was picking up clairvoyantly was correct.

All the different modalities I have learned have been great, and I still use a

few, but I always come back to numbers to be my real guide in explaining just how special and original each of us are. Although we are part of the whole, we are an individual soul with our own vibration.

The whole universe is designed and runs on number sequences and so do our lives. Our date of birth is set it cannot be altered, and it represents all of our life lessons and allows us to know our personality better.

It really is our life’s signpost, and once you know how to read it the immense help you can give to your friends, family and clients is immeasurable.

After all isn’t that why we want to have personal freedom. To allow ourselves to enjoy living a spiritually inspired life and being of service to others.

At our heart we all want to instigate the ripple of love.

Aspiring to a better understand of life and love means understanding our soul’s purpose, and for me it is through numerology.

Why Our Birthdate

My personal belief is that reincarnation is possible. I have had many instances and experiences in my life to allow me to have complete belief in this system. For others just one life is sufficient and that belief has merit for them.

When we are resting in spirit I believe that reviews take place. These reviews take into account the previous and the current past life we have lived. We examine the energy of these lives and with much though and guidance we re-emerge into a new life time.

Our deeper self knows exactly what we need to learn for our growth into complete love.

With consideration to other karmic factors the time and date for our birth is set.

We have our map and a plan, then we get to planet earth and totally forget why we are here.

Luckily we have our date of birth and we can work out our Numerology for guidance.

Because a lot of other factors such as our name can be changed the strongest information to read is always the birthdate.

The Depth of Numbers

It would be very easy to look at a number, say 4, and read that it means practicality and leave it at that.

There are so many levels to learn and understand about each number.

Firstly a number is not just a scribble on a piece of paper. It has a vibration.

Each number has a unique vibration of its own, and when paired or set with another number it can mean varying degrees of each number trying to win the battle for supremacy.

It is the level of understanding of each number that hold the skill in reading numerology.

So as you progress reading lots of charts and allotting them to what type of personality is being expressed to you, it all begins to take shape.

Behind each number the vibration has its own feel, and its own karmic lesson. Knowing these pieces of information allows you to begin to appreciate how unique each of us are.

Just one digit in a different place can allow a different expression to emerge.

We may have a few friends who have the same Life Path number. You could say I have six friends and four of them are the Life Path number 1. How come they are all different?

Each of your friends will have other different numbers on their chart from their birthdate. This will bring in differing amounts of vibrations competing in the personality to be expressed.

Each number has a positive and a negative aspect that will be chosen by the person to be expressed.

Here is where environment comes in as a factor. In childhood we are influenced by family and relatives, circumstances and situations we have no control over.

This leaves a sometimes subtle or sometimes strong legacy for our personality to follow.

We all aspire or hope to outgrow the thought patterns of others, and that is when we decide we really want personal freedom. Our numerology chart can help pin point at what particular ages we begin to mature into our complete uniqueness.

We are all growing towards the vibration of love and it will be an aspect in all our charts, because I believe it is the one common goal of humanity.

Every civilisation has appreciated the use of numbers and the journey from 1+1=2 to quantum physics has been eons in the making. Just as your own vibration has taken that long to learn to be expressed through the numbers you have chosen for this life time.

We do not progress from 1 to 2 then go onto 3 as our ruling number. We choose to use different sets of numbers which give us the best chance of paying karmic debt without incurring more.

We choose numbers in our birthdate that will allow our unique vibration to be expressed in the best possible way to allow unique love to shine from our personality.

Is this easy? No, because growth is never without pain. We have until our last breathe to learn our life lessons and be able to see this beautiful planet and people through the eyes of love.

My goal in reading a chart is to do just this. Explain to a client each area of his or her vibration. Allowing them to know that each of us is love and uniqueness at our core.

Hopefully this will help them to understand and appreciate what marvellous beings we really are and that each one of us has our own purpose for this lifetime.

What’s our name got to do with it?


As each number is a vibration. Each letter in the alphabet has a number ascribed to it.

There are different alphabets with different countries and languages, but our English alphabet has 26 letters all ascribed a different number1-9.

When we are working out a natal chart, the full baby’s birth name from their birth certificate is taken into the calculations. This gives us really important information for our life’s journey.

Again this is set as our birth name and will not ever be changed. Even if we do use different names in the future this is the one we begin with on this current journey of life.

Our name is where we can make changes to our vibration in this lifetime. Our name can be changed, we can alter the spelling, get married and use our partner’s name. We can be called a nick name, a shortened version of our original name. Some people prefer to use their second name. Others change their name completely by law.

Each of these changes alters the vibration of the name and in turn changes the overall energy of the personality.

My belief in doing so many charts, is that before we come into this lifetime we choose a vibration for ourselves, not so much the actual name. In that way our parents can be influenced vibrationally to select our name. So it may not be the actual spelling or the name but it will add up to the same number.

I have often been told what name a child would have been if they had been the opposite sex.

Parents have had to select a different name than the one they picked out, quite often they will turn out to be the same number.

So yes, our name is really important in Numerology, and it will either help or hinder our personality to attain it goals.

The joy of this life time can really be expressed when we understand our own vibration and learn to accept our own beautiful souls energy.

With our awareness focused on our journey back to love, and our personal freedom restored we are at last in possession of our most treasured gift.

Our beautiful uniqueness.



‘Let Your Spirit Sparkle’